Auxiliary Services

In addition to providing litigation and related services, we furnish the following client oriented programs:

TPA Services
TPA Services is a dedicated division of the Meyers McConnell Reisz Siderman law firm established to administer and resolve product liability claims in North America.  We work directly with in-house legal and risk management departments.  TPA Services will organize a geographically appropriate defense team to suit your unique needs for the efficient and economic resolution of product liability claims anywhere in North America.

Crisis Management
Our staff of attorneys, engineers and paralegals are trained to work with corporate in-house counsel and engineers to formulate detailed crisis management contingency plans in areas such as government mandated and/or voluntary product recall, employment related issues such as sexual harassment, discrimination and employee manuals.

Client Seminars
As an adjunct to our regular service, we conduct and organize seminars and workshop programs for our clients in our areas of expertise.